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Domestic Violence Archives

What is "unconsented contact?"

In the context of domestic violence laws, "unconsented contact" is an element of stalking. Stalking itself is a crime that can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor, or a felony if the person doing the stalking was, at the time of the stalking registered, or ordered to be registered, as a sex offender. Given the harsh penalties that can result from a stalking conviction, it is important to understand the full range of behaviors that would be considered to constitute unconsented contact.

The considerable cost of false domestic violence allegations

Domestic violence is far too prevalent in the U.S. There are many people who deal with a violent or threatening spouse, parent, roommate or other party every day and struggle with the enormous impact of being victimized. It is a situation that is taken very seriously, and rightly so.

Abusive husband living on front lawn to protest divorce

Victims of spousal abuse in Tennessee can find it very difficult to make the decision to file for divorce and protect themselves and their children from domestic violence. The fact is that there are many complicated emotions that can come with physical and/or emotional abuse and getting away from that environment can be enormously challenging.

How are domestic abuse victims protected during divorce?

Every divorce has the potential to be painful, bitter and contentious event. In fact, many divorcing spouses don't even want to be in the same room with each other. In most cases, unfortunately, people will have to go through some unpleasant encounters in the pursuit of ending a marriage.

Have you been falsely accused of domestic violence by a soon-to-be ex-spouse?

Domestic violence is a broad umbrella term that encompasses acts of physical violence as well as situations in which no physical contact occurs but an individual claims to feel threatened or scared. Acts of domestic violence are serious and, when reported, should be thoroughly investigated. Unfortunately, there are cases in which spouses or significant others who are going through a divorce or break-up may bring false accusations of domestic violence against a spouse or partner.

How is child custody affected if my ex-spouse files a protective order?

When the relationship between two parents sours both may say or do things they later regret. Parents who are going through a break-up or divorce are left to not only deal with their own heartbreak and disappointment, but also the hurt and heartbreak of a shared child.

Violence against women costs Tennessee $886 million

According to a study conducted by the Tennessee Economic Council on Women, Tennessee is ranked number three in the country when it comes to domestic violence homicides. In addition to the human tragedies that are occurring, the violence also impacts the state economically to the tune of about $866 million per year. In 2012, Tennessee spent or lost that amount of money due to such things as health care payments and lost wages. Additionally, operational spending in the Department of Children's Services was impacted by crimes committed against women.

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