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Divorce Archives

Divorce experts say moving too fast may not be worth it

People in Tennessee who are going through a divorce will have lots of thoughts going through their minds. In many cases, one partner or the other might wish to move on with life as soon as possible -- even if it's before a divorce is final. Sometimes this includes trying to date again -- sometimes by putting up a profile on an online dating site.

When divorcing, focus on the future in terms of your assets

For people in Clarksville who go through a divorce, there will be many issues that need to be sorted out -- not the least of which is finances. Many people might focus on wanting to keep the house in a divorce because that would seem like the biggest asset to come away with. However, some experts say this is not necessarily the best choice.

Please don't be my Valentine

St. Valentine himself was beheaded according to Church history, so perhaps in an ironic twist on the Hallmark holiday surrounding love, it is fitting that the day after Valentine's Day marks the beheading of many marriages. February 15th kicks off the busiest season and the busiest month for divorce attorneys as after the romantic holiday many couples decide to call it quits.

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