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How much alimony can I expect in a Tennessee divorce?

Readers of this blog should be aware of the fact that alimony (also called spousal support or maintenance) is not automatically awarded in any Tennessee divorce. It must first be determined -- through mediation, in accordance with a prenup or by the courts -- that alimony is in fact appropriate.

Is alimony guaranteed in Tennessee divorces?

Financial stability is often a top concern for people who are getting divorced. Whether both spouses worked during a marriage or not, finances can be strained considerably when you are dividing into two separate households. Oftentimes, this economic challenge is experienced by both people fairly equally. However, if there is a great discrepancy in earning potential between divorcing spouses, alimony (or spousal support) can be ordered to level the monetary playing field.

Is it acceptable for a man to ask for alimony payments?

Every society has its faux pas, which determine what is considered acceptable behavior and what might be frowned upon by the majority of people. From table etiquette to the jobs deemed acceptable for men and women, societal faux pas can put considerable pressure on people, especially when societal norms have changed.

Alimony in Tennessee: part II

In our last blog post, we began discussing some of the factors a judge takes into consideration when deciding whether or not to award alimony in a divorce. We also provided details about two types of temporary alimony, rehabilitative and transitional, that may be awarded in a divorce case.

Alimony in Tennessee: part I

In many marriages, one spouse makes more money than the other. A spouse's disparity in income may be attributable to many factors including years spent out of the workforce while caring for children and putting one's own educational or career aspirations on hold to help support those of a spouse. When it comes to matters related to divorce and alimony, these types of factors must be taken into consideration.

Will I automatically receive alimony if my ex-spouse makes more money?

Since the 1960s, societal views and expectations of men and women have dramatically changed and evolved. Fifty years ago, many U.S. households depended solely on the man to provide financial support, while women stayed home to raise children and tend to a home. Today, many women work outside the home and a growing number are out-earning their husbands.

How to treat alimony come tax time

When a couple in Tennessee decides to divorce, there are a number of matters that must be sorted out and decided. Assets and property must be divided, matters related to child custody must be sorted out and both individuals must untangle their personal and financial lives from one another. In some divorces, matters related to spousal support or alimony must also be decided.

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