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December 2015 Archives

What is "unconsented contact?"

In the context of domestic violence laws, "unconsented contact" is an element of stalking. Stalking itself is a crime that can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor, or a felony if the person doing the stalking was, at the time of the stalking registered, or ordered to be registered, as a sex offender. Given the harsh penalties that can result from a stalking conviction, it is important to understand the full range of behaviors that would be considered to constitute unconsented contact.

Is alimony guaranteed in Tennessee divorces?

Financial stability is often a top concern for people who are getting divorced. Whether both spouses worked during a marriage or not, finances can be strained considerably when you are dividing into two separate households. Oftentimes, this economic challenge is experienced by both people fairly equally. However, if there is a great discrepancy in earning potential between divorcing spouses, alimony (or spousal support) can be ordered to level the monetary playing field.

Divorce settlements don't always mean the end of disputes

When people think of divorce-related disputes, they often think of those that occur between the time a person files for divorce and when the divorce is finalized. However, fights and disagreements don't begin or end with paperwork. In fact, there are many disputes that can arise after you and your ex have parted ways.

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