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September 2015 Archives

Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale amicable split: Is it getting ugly?

Emotions are often running high when a couple announces they are getting divorced. In addition to the sadness and guilt people may be feeling, there can be lot of anxiety and pressure about the so-called "right" way to do things. This can be especially true if one or both people getting divorced are in the public eye.

Issues that can invalidate a prenuptial agreement

There is a prevailing thought that prenuptial agreements are "anti-love" and that couples simply shouldn't consider them. This is mostly born out of a past era that simply didn't consider a prenuptial agreement to be an important, or particularly romantic, document. However, times have changed. Prenuptial agreements are very important and used quite often.

What happens to debt when couples divorce in Tennessee?

When people divorce, they are often very concerned with how the split will affect their financial stability now and in the future. They might think things like, "Who gets the house?" or "Will I lose all my money?" or "I hope I can keep these specific pieces of property." 

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