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June 2015 Archives

For divorced parents, doing what's best for a child requires compromise

Today in the U.S., the Department of Labor reports that roughly 57 percent of women age 16 and older work outside the home. With the U.S. divorce rate hovering around 50 percent, working is a necessity for most divorced moms. As the roles played by men and women in the U.S. continue to shift and evolve, many argue that so too must views and laws related to child custody.

Is it acceptable for a man to ask for alimony payments?

Every society has its faux pas, which determine what is considered acceptable behavior and what might be frowned upon by the majority of people. From table etiquette to the jobs deemed acceptable for men and women, societal faux pas can put considerable pressure on people, especially when societal norms have changed.

Helping divorcing individuals weigh their options and make informed decisions

For anyone who is contemplating or planning to file for divorce, the process can be scary and intimidating. Many people have likely heard horror stories about highly contentious divorce proceedings that drag out for years and end up costing those couples involved a lot of time, money and heartache.

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